Fitness Equipment Manufacturing - Yoga Ball Manufacturing

We use the best technology to manufacture our Yoga Balls, we use rotational molding. It’s one of the best ways to ensure the best quality exercise equipment.

During the manufacturing process called rotational molding in which we inject the PVC rolling material into a mold. We then put the mold to an oven and let the liquid flow evenly over the whole mold using a method that combines both rotation and revolution.

rotation molding

The process of manufacturing our yoga balls through rotational molding is a straightforward procedure to ensure the best quality Yoga exercise in the industry. The process starts with injecting liquid material into the mold. We then bake the material in our industrial oven, letting the raw material through settle evenly throughout the mold using rotation and revolution. We then back the material at an elevated level of 200 degrees Celsius. After the yoga balls are baked, they then go through a cooling process.
inject material
inject material

To cool the exercise balls we put the mold into water to cool it, and then we open the mold to remove the yoga ball. After the cooling process, we then seal the yoga ball. The yoga ball freshly taken out of the oven is still hot, the silicone plug is easily inserted in hole position, when the ball cools the plug is set in place and is hard to remove or displace. Therefore, creating the perfect sealing effect.
remove yoga ball

The next step in the process of manufacturing yoga balls is to fill the ball with air to the correct diameter specified. The filled yoga is then left inflated for 24 hours to ensure the shape fully sets in equally and let the yoga ball fully cool. We then deflate the balls, for packaging.
fill the ball with air

During our Exercise Equipment Manufacturing process we test our yoga balls to ensure the utmost quality. To make sure we have explosion-proof yoga balls, it’s still necessary to test whether there will be an explosion under great weight and whether it will explode if punctured by a sharp object or from under the great weight pressure. Only our exercise balls that pass our quality testing is shipped to our customers.